Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Patient Safety 2010 Eurobarometer

The supplement on Patient Safety, of the newsletter of the National Health System’s Quality Agency, announces the publication of the Patient Safety 2010 Eurobarometer.

It is a very complete report, with 107 pages, containing the results of 26,663 questionnaires in the 27 EU countries.

Nosocomial infections are the adverse effects perceived as most frequent, followed by misdiagnosis and problems with medication.

When people are asked about the risk of having an adverse effect in the hospital, Greeks express the greatest mistrust, measured at 83%. The EU average stands at 50% and in the case of Spain, by 35%.

When the question refers to the risk in Primary Care, Greeks repeats the worst result, 78%. The EU average is 46% and 32% in Spain.

It is surprising that, despite the different kind of care, there is little difference between the estimation by the citizens of suffering harm in the hospital (35%) or primary care (32%).

Those are good results for Spain in terms of public confidence in the NHS, which compels us to continue working to not disappoint it.

Posted by Fernando Palacio
English version by Erika Céspedes

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