Thursday, May 27, 2010

Proton pump inhibitors and risk of fracture

The FDA has issued a note, both for professionals and patients, reporting the revision of the prescription of the proton pump inhibitors to include new safety information about a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine.

This information is based on the review of seven epidemiological studies that suggested that the increased risk of such fractures may depend on the dose, duration of the treatment or both.

At present, there is uncertainty about the magnitude of this risk. So, when prescribing PPIs, healthcare professionals should consider a lower dose or shorter duration of treatment, when required.

+ Info: Press release by the FDA

The widespread use of PPIs requires to take into account this risk, especially when deciding the appropriateness of the initiation or maintenance treatment of the treatment with these drugs.

There are several reliable publications on the appropriate of PPIs, for example, this synthetic and clear note of the Dirección General de Farmacia del Servicio Canario de Salud.

Posted by Guadalupe Olivera and Jesús Palacio
English version by Erika Céspedes

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