Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Report on Quality Plan for the National Health System 2006-2010

The Ministerio de Sanidad y Política Social of Spain has published the report of the activities 2006 - 2010 and the guidelines for this year.

Regarding patient safety -three of the 68 pages of the report- the highlight is the development of a normative reform proposal to allow non-punitive reporting of adverse events, an indispensable item for an effective notification system. We have discussed the last report on this subject in a previous post.

In a few words, these are the planned actions:
-To improve information and training of professionals in Patient Safety.
-To develop a normative reform proposal allowing non-punitive reporting of adverse events.
-To design and trial a notification system of incidents and adverse events.
-To identify and validate a set of key indicators of patient safety to evaluate the strategy.
-To promote projects to boost and evaluate safe practices in the NHS at all levels, in collaboration with the autonomic governments and scientific societies.
-To improve the understanding of adverse events in health-care facilities.
-To strengthen the participation of patients and citizens in the Patient Safety Strategy.

Posted by Fernando Palacio
English version by Erika Céspedes

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