Monday, July 26, 2010

3rd Seminar. Assessment of the observance of Hand Hygiene in a Primary Care area of Madrid

With the aim of bringing good practices to our daily work, we start a little series where we will bring to the blog the oral communications presented at the last 3rd Seminar for the Improvement of Patient Safety in Primary Care.

And we start with a polemical topic, hand hygiene.

We know that hand hygiene, as the WHO recommends, is a controversial topic in Primary Care, where the famous five stages do not find a proper insertion. To approximate us to reality the Training and Research Unit of the 4th Area of Madrid designed an observational study whose results were presented at the Seminar. Those results are very interesting because they show a low level of observance, even after risk of exposure to body fluids. Although the WHO recommendations are not enterely applicable in Primary Care, this study provides evidence that our reality, on hand hygiene, may be well below than acceptable. Both at Hospitals and Primary Care, it seems to be great opportunities to improve a behaviour that affects patient and professional safety.

The researchers have been Carmen Martín Madrazo, Juan Carlos Abanades Herranz, Asunción Cañada Dorado, Miguel Salinero Fort and Sonia Soto Diaz.

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