Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Again with blood glucose meters: Supplementary information

We recently echoed in this blog a warning from the Spanish Agency of Drugs and Health Care Products (AEMPS), referring to problems of interference in glucose meters.

Abbott Laboratories have corrected their test strips FreeStyle Lite, for not to interfere with certain medications at the time of measuring blood glucose in diabetic patients.

They have therefore changed the reactive enzyme, replacing PQQ-glucose-dehydrogensasa by glucose dehydrogenase-FAD, which is specific for the detection of glucose in blood.

To identify these new strips they have changed aspects of packaging and labeling, making it necessary to pay attention to these changes.

The Spanish Agency for Drugs and Health Care Products (AEMPS) has issued a supplementary information to the security note on possible errors in measurements of glucose in diabetic patients due to interference with certain treatments, which provides detailed information on laboratory changes.

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