Friday, August 6, 2010

3rd Seminar. Safe practices presented by the Functional Unit of Health Risks Management, 4th Area of Madrid

The Functional Unit of Health Risks Management of the 4th Area of Madrid presented the safe practices identified in the last four years.

They define a safe practice as "an action, according to the evidence and knowledge available, to avoid or reduce health risks or adverse effects. It may respond to a particular health care situation or may be useful and/or generalizable to other facilities because of their potential impact on patient safety, frequency or importance. "

In their presentation there is a list of safe practices that are widespread. It is a very interesting list for those who want to implement them in their area of influence.

The authors are Asunción Cañada Dorado, Inmaculada García Ferradal, Carmen García Cubero, Sergio Serrablo Requejo, María Antonia Sánchez Márquez y María José Montero Fernández.

+ Info: 20059.pdf

See also in this blog: Entrevista a Asunción Cañada a propósito de las Unidades Funcionales de Gestión de Riesgos Sanitarios (Interview with Asunción Cañada about the Functional Units of Health Risks Management)

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